Kids Resin Party

Resin is the hottest party at the studio!

Kids can create a variety of resin projects for a truly unique party experience!
You will have two different resin options to choose from for kids’ parties.


A minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 for either one of these classes. For ages 8 and over only!

A $25 deposit is required to book your party, and that will go towards the final bill.

Kids Parties Run Resin Party-min

Resin Suncatcher

$39 Each

With Resin Suncatchers, kids will get to pick from the available suncatchers and the colors they want. They will then fill their suncatcher with the colored resin! There are a ton of options for colors and glitter. In this class, the kids will actually be handling the resin and will need to complete their suncatcher within a time period.

Fun Resin


Kids will each get to choose up to 4 items each, and then they will choose from an ever-expanding selection of embellishments. There is a selection of UV resin charms as well as poured resin molds. Kids will not be using the resin in this class, but rather adding their embellishments to their items, and then we’ll add the resin and show them how we do it.