About Us

Creative Fun for Everyone!

Helping people and having fun is part of who we are. Everyone at Paint of Interest has an exceptional customer service background along with a really good sense of humor. We love getting to know our customers, many of whom we now consider our POI family! On top of that, we truly care how your project comes out, and want to make it easy for everyone to have creative fun.


Here is our 3-step process:
1. You pick your piece
2. We will show you how
3. You create something amazing!

Our Creative Directors

Our creative directors are always learning new tips and tricks so they can show you how to create something amazing! Everyone here has an artistic background and loves to teach, so does not matter your experience or age, you will have the help and guidance you need to get you to your creative goal.

Our Studio

Our studio is designed with creative fun in mind. The space is very open and inviting, and you will have easy access to all areas without worry of bumping into anything or anyone. Even the tables have different patterns and designs on them, pick your favorite one to sit at. Our café has a lot of different options, including specialty coffee’s and tea’s. We even have specialty seasonal drinks for you to enjoy, and don’t forget the snacks, we have those too.

Our Products

We are always improving and expanding our painting options to give you the choices you want. Our focus is quality, so you can be assured that whatever you are creating, it will come out great.
We have options for walk-ins and parties. And we are the only studio around that teaches resin!


You can walk in and paint…
~ Pottery


You can take a class, some of our class options include…
~ Resin
~ Wood
~ Canvas
~ Pottery


You can book a party!
If we have it in the studio or put it on as a class, you can book a party! Check out Book a Party to find the options and choose your Creative Party.

Pick your piece, we'll show you how, you'll create something amazing!










A Creative Painting Studio where everyone, no matter their age or experience, can create something amazing.


Provide a fun and open creative space where everyone feels relaxed and can enjoy the people they are with and the art they are creating. Provide education that helps our customers create with confidence.


In a world where so many ‘Paint Your Own,’ studios leave the customers to figure it out for themselves, we want to provide a place where you can have fun AND create something amazing. By giving everyone the guidance and education, they need from the beginning, we are setting a higher standard for what it means to have Creative Fun while making Amazing Art!

Core Values

For Our Customers

~ Have fun, be kind and knowledgeable.
~ Help our customers create something amazing


For Our Company

~ Grow in our knowledge, and in our ability to teach.
~ Work as a team with the customer experience in mind.
~ Provide the tools to help our customers and staff grow creatively.
~ Be grateful everyday for our customers, vendors and each other.


For Ourselves

~ Have fun each day.
~ Be honest, trustworthy and have integrity.
~ Be who you are, and love what you do.