Company Parties

Creative Options for Your Business

Creative arts build and strengthen your team while bringing everyone closer together for a more harmonious workplace.

Creative activities such as painting relieve stress, aid communication, and help stymie cognitive decline, according to Harvard.


If you need your team to work smarter, more creatively, or just differently, we offer customized corporate team-building activities and events that will help you to recognize individual leadership skills.


We can create a customized art project for your team to work on collaboratively or we can develop an art workshop for team members to create their own individual pieces of art.


Give us a call at 403-588-8808 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our team building options and to book your Creative Company Party!

Company Celebrations

Are you wanting to get the team together for a company party or celebration? We have the options for you! There are a lot of instructor and self-led creative parties to choose from, and the great part is that every employee will create something that they will keep as a memento of their time together.

You can pick any party option for your company, and a lot of options are kid friendly if your party includes employee families. If your party includes kids, please let us know in the notes at the time of booking.