We Have More Options, You Have More Fun!!

We really do have more options than anywhere else, you’ll never run out of options to paint on. And the best part is that we are always adding more options for you!

Click to check out what our current options are…

Bisque Pottery

We have over 700 different items of pottery, and it’s  growing! We are always getting in different items, and one-of-a-kind items. and if you are wanting something that you don’t see, just ask, we might be able to find it for you!

We have a large selection of kids pottery, mugs of all kinds, household, decorative, candle holders, animals, seasonal decorations and more! We have very simple and plain pottery all the way to very high detailed pottery, and of course everything in between.

Our prices start at $15 and go up from there, with a good average being around $35. Also, with over 160 glazes to choose from, you will be able to paint an amazing, one of a kind creation!

We truly do have more options so you have more fun!
There is even more options for paint!
You can use one of our 160 different color options for glazes, or, if you have an ornament you can use acrylic paints! Both are great options with different bonuses for each.
Stoneware Pottery

What is the difference between Stoneware and bisque pottery? Stoneware is a clay that when fired to maturity becomes a sturdy, chip resistant material suitable for using in cooking, baking, and as serving dishes. Since this clay is initially fired very hot, it can withstand temperature changes. They can basically take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’!

The best part, you can make your own design and create an entire place setting!
It’s all in the glaze…
Stoneware has it’s own special glaze, that gives it a very unique look that is more like traditional pottery. It is always exciting to see the glaze transform and reveal its true beauty!

Wow, do we ever have a lot of options for canvas! We have many different sizes of canvas, starting at 6″x6″ and going up to 16″x20″! And there is just soooo much you can do with a canvas.

Some canvas options are:

  • Whatever you want to paint
    • Bring in a picture to paint
    • An idea from your amazing imagination
    • Follow along with a YouTube video – yes, someone has done that!
  • Use one of our templates or stencils
  • Join us for one of our canvas classes!
    • Paint Night
    • Acrylic paint pour
    • Feather Pour
    • Dutch Pour

There are just so many options! We can’t wait to see what you will create.


No art café would be complete without being able to paint on wood! We have wood signs of different sizes and styles, wooden trays and wood plaques.

We also have wood paint classes! We put classes on for different signs, trays and boards.

Watch here and on our Facebook page for upcoming events!


Yes, you read that right, Resin! We are so very pleased to add resin to our classes. Resin is amazing in the designs you can create with it, and once cured, creates a very hard surface that is food safe and scratch resistant.

We are currently doing Charcuterie Board and Coaster Resin classes, and will be adding more very soon!

Missed a class – no problem, you can book our instructor!

Being as these classes sell out very fast, you are now able to have the option of booking our instructor for you own class. We require a minimum of 5 students for you to book the class and a 50% deposit up front.


There are a lot of options for glass!! We have wine glasses, containers, mugs and even wine bottles with lights that go in them!

Using a special enamel paint, painted glass is usable and top shelf dishwasher safe!

This would make a great project individually or as a group!