About Us

I remember as a girl, my sisters and I going to my grandparent’s pottery studio and getting to paint almost anything we wanted to. I loved my creations and I really loved getting to spend time with my grandparents. Those are special memories I will always cherish.

It started back in 1979 when my Grandma and Grandpa along with my Aunt Rose-Marie bought the ‘Pour House’ in Grande Prairie. Grandma and Rose-Marie ran the shop and Grandpa was the mud-man and kiln master. Back then it was a lot of work, but they truly did love it, and even after they sold it many years later, they kept the art going by giving lessons and painting endless pieces themselves.

My mom is also an artist, and throughout the years she painted countless acrylic and oil paintings, murals and even store fronts! Her passion continues to this day and paints at least 3 – 4 pictures a year. You could say we were surrounded by art growing up!

In 2018, my sister Amber, along with sister Kim, started Paint of Interest Art Cafe in Grande Prairie. Combining both the love of pottery and art, they created a place where anyone could come and create. It took off and is now considered the best place in Grande Prairie to paint pottery or canvas, or glass, or…. the list goes on!

Paint of Interest Red Deer Art Cafe opened September 21, 2019. We have grown to be a favorite place to come in to create and paint. Along with our staff, we look forward to helping people Create What You Feel.


Meet Our Staff...

Kailey Aubin

Kailey is amazing at all things ceramics. She can show you how to paint almost anything, and of course can do all the specialty creative techniques like Dot Mandala’s! Kailey is also our kids artist. She is amazing at teaching children of all ages how to paint and create their own works of art with both glazes and acrylics.

Kaitlyn (Kaity) Buckland

Growing up in what felt like in middle of nowhere, Kaity had plenty of time to teach herself how to paint. She has an amazing knowledge of how to create special effect with glazes, and can give you really unique and cool ideas. She also has a really good eye for color and creation so you know you’ll always come out with an amazing piece of art!

Create What You Feel

Our Core Values

mission Our Mission Statment
vision Our Vision Statement
corevalues Our Core Values
ourwhy Our Why Statment

Vision Statement.

People are connected to their creativity and are free to express their colourful uniqueness. Finding the Colorful You. Unleashing the Creative You.

Mission Statement

To provide a space and a variety of opportunities for people to explore ways to express themselves that will excite, nourish, feed, heal and connect through art. To provide an exceptional customer experience that will positively impact each and every customer.

Why Statement

In a world where people are more stressed out and disconnected than ever before, there is a way to help us overcome this and that is through the creation of art. Art has been proven to relieve stress and heal through art therapy, it can connect people through feelings and experiences. Art can also create positive memories, fuel passions and fill hearts and souls. There are not very many places where people can go to experience all that art can provide, and being one of those places fills my heart and soul with gratitude that we will be able to provide a way to positively influence so many people and that their lives are enriched and better for it.

Core Value Statement

  1. Integrity
    • Honesty, trust and taking responsibility for your actions.
  2. Excellence
    • Providing REAL exceptional customer service and a unique and pleasurable
      creative experience.
  3. Growth
    • Looking and implementing new ways, items and products to deliver to our
  4. Grateful
    • Being truly grateful every day for the customers, vendors and people who are
      part of our business.
  5. Positive attitude
    • Having fun! Not being afraid to let your fun side out with each other and our customers
      and helping them have fun as well.